This is a group of men that come together, not for sermons, but for fellowship. The bible states that iron sharpens iron. Brotherhood is where the men can deal with issues directed solely towards men

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With God, we came out of our darkness strong, unbreakable and to be treasured. The Diamonds ministry serves the women and young ladies of Rock Church International.

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In a fun-filled nurturing environment, our children learn God's principles and his promises for them. Our ministry staff use a hands on approach to illustrate God's word.

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As we teach biblical principles for marriage, the intent is to be focused on immediate stabilization. To be effective, to appropriately wrap around the couples....

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Music Ministry

Praise Team & Band

This ministry is led by our Minister of Music, Bro. Randy Cooper and Sis. Tiffany Tilmon. The praise and worship ministry comes together to usher the believers into worship in song as we enter into God’s presence.

Transportation Ministry

This ministry is led by Bro Darryl and Sis Robbie Dunlap. To supply reliable and safe transportation to and from worship services and other church related functions as necessary.

Usher Ministry

This ministry is led by Bro. Deon Teart at the Whittier location and Sis. LaKeisha Griffin at the North Gratiot location. This ministry is designed to greet all that enter the place of worship. They assist in seating and giving direction as needed to the body of Christ.

New Membership Ministry

This ministry is led by Sis. Arthurlene Smith. The New Members Ministry conducts a comprehensive orientation program to introduce all new members joining Rock Church Intl to church principles, practices, member responsibilities and auxiliaries and ministries of the church. We strive to ensure all new members are assimilated into the life and activities of the church.

Teen Ministry

This ministry is led by Minister Terrance Davis. Within the RCI Teen Ministries, we have a goal to bring young people together in a life of faith, action and fellowship, and address spiritual, emotional, and social needs unique to youth. We want to create a safe and nurturing space for teenagers to gather together and share their joys and concerns with each other and with caring adults.

Bookstore Ministry

This ministry is led by Bro. Timothy and Sis. Ashley Shane. The RCI Bookstore and Gift Shop Ministry, in conjunction with the Rock Café Ministry exists to supply the Rock Church congregation, visitors and the people of the community with resources to have a better understanding of the love of Jesus and grow closer in their walk with the Lord.

Security Ministry

This ministry is led by Bro. Marcus Cooper. The mission of RCI Security Ministry is to safeguard our Pastor and church leaders. Also to provide security for the Rock Church family and guest, as well as the properties. We provide security during normal service hours and all special events. Our ministry works together with all ministries within RCI, for the purpose of achieving one goal: To serve and support the Body of Christ and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Pastors Aide Ministry

This ministry is led by Sis Mila Shakur and Sis Robbie Dunlap. The ministry supports Pastor, his family and visiting dignitaries with a variety of activities and other services. The Pastor’s Aide Ministry is responsible for various items and supplies being at the Pastor’s disposal to accommodate both his office and pulpit needs. Also plans and leads the church in celebrating the Pastors Anniversary, birthday, appreciation events and other special occasions.

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry is led by Sis LaDonna Ross. Their mission is to reflect the love of Christ to all who enter our doors, expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity to share our church home and to welcome all visitors in such a way that they would be “TRANSFORMED” from strangers into friends. Also extending open arms and supplying needs to visiting ministers and their families.


This ministry is led by Sis. Ashley Shane. We know that faith comes from hearing and believe that the spoken word and song are two of the most important tools for a church service. It is our goal as a sound team to provide clear and intelligible sound that is transparent and distraction free to the listener. The goal of the church audio team is to provide audio that is worthy of the worship of Jesus Christ.
The Media team reaches the congregation and our community through media in order to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the life, mission, and purposes of the Church through worship projection, management of the Cyber Church, social networking, public relations, video and other special projects.

Intercessory Prayer

This ministry is led by Sis. Desiree Allan and Sister Tyra Cooper. This ministry is committed to praying for the needs of the church and the community. Our mission is:

• To edify and cover Rock Church International, its ministries, families, leaders and youth, the Pastor and First Family, community, nation and the world through prayer.
• To encourage, foster, and inspire the members, families and church ministries to pursue a deeper and more personal prayer life for the overall edification of the body and the glorification of the Lord.

Outreach Ministry

This ministry is led by Minister Latasha Gray and co-chaired by Bro. DaMon Radford. The Outreach Ministry and its partners are dedicated to putting the Rocks mission into action outside the walls, by providing a full range of charitable, human service, educational, religious and community development activities. These activities help people realize their God-given potential as uniquely gifted individuals in their family, community and relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. We firmly believe if you do not make an impact in your community-- then you are missing it as a ministry. At the Rock, we believe that ministry must go beyond our four walls.