Minister Cynthia Cooper

Minister Cynthia Cooper has been a member of Rock Church International since our church's second service, in September of 2006. She married in 1988 to Randy R. Cooper, and is the mother of 4 children: Jamell, Aaron, Marcell, and Ashlee. Minister Cooper received her licence to preach on May 29, 2011. She is not only a minister at The Rock, but she is also apart of the first Lady's armor bearer team, a teacher in our children's ministry, and is currently the leader of our Women's Ministry (The Diamonds).


Minister Tasha Gray

Tasha Gray has been a member of Rock Church International since 2009. She accepted the call to ministry, becoming a licensed minister in 2014. Minister Gray has a sincere love for God and the Word. She is humbled to be an instrument for God. At the Rock, she serves as the Director of Community Outreach and as a personal assistant to Lady Juana Caldwell. Minister Gray loves Rock Church International and is grateful to serve under the visionary leadership of Pastor Terry and Lady Juana Caldwell.


Minister Terrance Davis

Minister Terrance Davis has been a member of The Rock since September of 2006. Minister Davis was licensed to preach in 2015; he was at that time appointed to be our youth Pastor. He truly has a spirit to teach the youth about God and salvation and a passion to convey the good news about Jesus Christ. Minister Davis married in March of 2016 to Keona Davis. Along with being our youth pastor he is also apart of Dr. Caldwell's armor bearer team.