Marriages Ministry


Marriage Ministry

Rock Solid

We plan to

  • To provide Biblical instruction regarding marriage.
  • To provide opportunities for fellowship for married couples.
  • To provide refreshment and encouragement for married couples.
  • To offer prayer for marriages in the church.
  • To discuss day to day issues through testimony of other couples.
  • To learn to understand the needs and desires of our spouses.
  • To discover new ways to keep excitement in our marriages.
  • To strive to be a better communicator and listener.
  • To bring new families into the church

As we teach biblical principles for marriage, the intent is to be focused on immediate stabilization. To be effective, to appropriately wrap around the couples specific areas of need and deal with them simply through the Word and life experiences (Testimony).

We intend to transform hearts and homes, by equipping people for great marriages and families. We will provide the tools that couples need to build a great relationship with God and there spouse. We want to see every couple living in healthy Word based relationships.

We also desire to create opportunities for couples that are in the same stage of marriage and parenting to connect. One of our goals is to revitalize our marriages and keep them healthy and strong, reflecting God's perfect plan for loving, committed marriages.

A strong, vibrant, healthy marriage does not just happen. It takes preparation, enrichment, and support (WORK). We will help to take proactive steps to prevent marriages from reaching a state of crisis, and to revive those already in distress. We will transform bad marriages, increase intimacy in good ones, save the futures of children involved in hurting homes through there parents.

We are committed to helping couples succeed! Most couples spend all there time planning the wedding and forget to invest in there marriage. Marriage is a lot of work, but when lived out by God's principles, can be the most rewarding relationship on earth.