About Us

Welcome to Rock Church International!

Here at The Rock, the members and staff help to set an atmosphere of excitement. This is accomplished through their endless love and passion for the Word of God. Dr. Terry Caldwell and his ministering staff are gifted with the ability to teach with true simplicity and understanding. Our adult, teen, and youth Sunday services make it possible for everyone in your household to learn at their level.

We have many different services, classes, and programs for you to learn about God's love. You are also shown how to put God's word into action in your life. We invite you to check out our service times and locations to choose the one that best suits your families' needs. Come out and let us Transform Your World!


Church Mission & Vision:

Mission- To teach the Word of God with simplicity & understanding. -Proverbs 4:7
Vision- To enhance the lives of God's children spiritually, socially, physically and financially. - 3 John 1:2

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